Is There a Disability Rights Case for Mandatory Vaccinations?

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As COVID vaccines head toward full FDA approval, many are debating the pros and cons of mandatory vaccination policies at work or in public accommodations. There has been substantial analysis about whether individuals who object to mandates could sue, particularly for disability rights violations. Yet the disability community organized around getting the vaccine to people… Continue reading Is There a Disability Rights Case for Mandatory Vaccinations?

The Other Uber Problem – Wheelchair Access

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Many are familiar with Uber’s high-profile scofflaw policy toward paying its drivers.  For years, disability advocates have been challenging a lesser-known violation—its fleet is not accessible for people who use non-folding wheelchairs. Uber’s motto is “We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.”  Opportunity for some, barriers for others. It’s not fair that we… Continue reading The Other Uber Problem – Wheelchair Access

Should Disability Advocates Wait for Biden Administration Regulations on Internet Accessibility?

One of the hottest topics in the ADA legal world is whether websites (and their ilk, like smartphone applications or other technological public platforms) have to be accessible to people with disabilities. Without ADA oversight, website development often prioritizes certain users—those who access content visually or using a mouse, for example. Blind people who use a screen… Continue reading Should Disability Advocates Wait for Biden Administration Regulations on Internet Accessibility?

Do Zoning Laws Discriminate Against People with Disabilities?

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Zoning laws can pose serious barriers to people with disabilities and their organizations.  Setback codes block building ramps.  Rules forbidding people who are not related from living together in residential neighborhoods bar group homes.  Disability discrimination laws – the ADA, the Fair Housing Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and local laws, often make… Continue reading Do Zoning Laws Discriminate Against People with Disabilities?